Transtanko Shipping FZE has a fully independent Chartering Desk, which is mostly active in the tanker market specializing in the transportation of bulk liquid products such as petro-chemical products, refined petroleum products CPP and DPP, bitumen, acids, vegetable oil, palm oil, molasses and others.

Current products brokered by us consist of:

-Methanol, Ethanol, Chemicals from the Middle East to India and Europe
-Phosphoric Acid from North Africa to the Middle East and India
-Tropical Oils, Palm Oil, Molasses from South East Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Black Sea to the Middle East and Europe

Our projects includes Spot fixtures, Contracts of Affreightment, Consecutive Voyages contracts, long Time Charters as well as Bareboat Charters.

Being based in UAE, which is the hub of the Oil and Chemicals trade, gives our young and enthusiastic chartering team the advantage to be on the edge of the industry life and to understand its needs better. It also brings us the opportunity to become a link between main local Middle East players and the global tanker market.

We are not pretending to become a big shipbroker in respect of the volume but rather prefer to be your small reliable partner who feels and follow up Customers’ needs on the tailor made round-the-corner basis.