Our business is our People. It is their expertise, integrity, power, maturity and dedication that are leading us to the success and our priority is always to ensure healthy environment where individuals can show their full potential without being affected by the hierarchy.

Doing business worldwide, we are employing more than 50 staff of different nationalities for our globe network of offices which brings us different experience and way of thinking allowing always to find the best solutions for the Clients.

Technical Management, Crew Management and Safety & Quality divisions consist of highly experienced Superintendents who all have experience as Masters or Chief Engineers on oil and chemical tankers. All other sections of the setup enjoy with the experts in different fields like Chartering, Sale& Purchase and Insurance.

We are developing knowledge and skills of the most precious assets we have by sending our people to attend different seminars to improve qualification and promoting further study by providing special allowances for their next education such as for example the one with The London Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS). Managing Director and the Owner of the company proudly honors the title of the Fellow of the ICS.